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30+ Things on 30

This is probably me just bragging, but I’m going to list 30 awesome things that I’ve done, or am thankful for, or make me me. I am 30 now, but lots of people still call me a baby. And the other day some 7th graders were arguing about whether or not I look old enough to have children. I guess that’s a good thing? Continue reading “30+ Things on 30”

Podcasting is Hard

A possibly made up statistic: The average podcast lasts 7 episodes. Continue reading “Podcasting is Hard”

Create more. Consume less.

I woke up early this morning. The dog spinning in circles, jumping at my face. She demanded I take her out before coffee. Which I did. A short stroll around the apartment complex she happily relieved herself. I mused about what I might do today, feeling like there was a lot but not really. A long list of things that take little time: clean the bathroom, vacuum, return some emails, and so on. But what do I do? Back up to the third floor. I make my coffee and oatmeal, and them binge watch Netflix. Househunters my drug. I make excuses about it like, “Well, we are planning on buying a house.” Like somehow this is a part of my research. After a few episodes, I think, I should listen to that book on dogs, only a few more hours and I’ll finish. Continue reading “Create more. Consume less.”

Episode 6: Paige Cargioli, Death and Hope in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Another ascetic sermon for the womeninpreaching podcast!

Women in Preaching

Before sermonizing this week, I wanted to let you know about Cari Pattison at the Reformed Church of Bronxville, if you go to, you can listen to her sermons, and from what I’ve heard so far, are pretty fantastic.

Today, I’ll be doing a little bit of “emergency preaching” on 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.

Readings for the week are here.

Listen along to the podcast here.


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3 Things I Desire: El Camino de Santiago

It’s been a big year.


September 2013 to June 2014 I was living in Boston, working in Tech Support, attending mass, going to confirmation class, got confirmed, got engaged, simultaneously attending Brookline Church of Christ, preached a few times, enjoyed it, was confirmed Catholic.


50 days in Spain over the summer. Prayerfully walking the Camino de Santiago. A truly incredible privilege.


August 2014: moving to Florida, every other day working as a school counselor in a Catholic school K-8 OR Catholic college New Testament Professor, creating a podcast: Women in Preaching, planning a wedding (January 2015). Continue reading “3 Things I Desire: El Camino de Santiago”

Women in Preaching Podcast

I started podcasting this week. Here is my first sermon.
Don’t ever procrastinate making a podcast. It should be up in iTunes next week (fingers crossed!) Until then, and while we are patiently waiting for iThings to do their magic, you can have a listen right here.

That being said, here is Episode 1! Yay! Next week is Katherine Balmforth. Enjoy!

The lectionary readings can be found at that Vanderbilt website here.

Here is the transcript:

Continue reading “Women in Preaching Podcast”

Yes Dear, Sleep Naked, and 30 Other Reasons My Parents are Awesome On Their 30th Anniversary


I’m always really bad about remembering when my parents anniversary is. But there are a couple things that remind me. 1) My birthday is, give or take, one year after they were married. And 2) the month of September, because I know that this is the month that it’s in. Is it at the beginning? Is it at the end? I don’t know. All I know is that this year is their THIRTIETH! 30 years. INSANE. And I’m not even sure if today is the day.

Continue reading “Yes Dear, Sleep Naked, and 30 Other Reasons My Parents are Awesome On Their 30th Anniversary”

Mother’s Day Sermon on Sarah and Abraham

I want to note that I would have probably never written this sermon if it wasn’t for it being assigned to me. It’s difficult to know what to do when you’re given a story that is 1/5 of the book of Genesis. Because this is the “last” sermon I’ll preach for a while, it gave me more anxiety than it probably should have…

Sermon at the Brookline Church of Christ

May 11, 2014

You’ll have to forgive me for this… It’s the end of the semester, the end of my time in Boston, and you’ve all been so good to me. As nervous as it makes me, I’ve really enjoyed being able gain this experience preaching here, and I have no idea when or if I will ever be able to again. That being said, I hope I’m not judged too harshly here, this one being the “last” I will preach, but also being second in a sort of series on Salvation history leading up to Pentecost. Continue reading “Mother’s Day Sermon on Sarah and Abraham”

How to heal from the lies that Christian fundamentalism taught me.

I saw this post on Patheos, and I just had to respond. Immediately. Here is the original post.

Actually, the post was an addition to this beautifully written post on “getting over” the fact that everything you were ever taught was a lie. I think that’s a bit strong of language, because even in getting out of it, there must have been something in us, something that was true, that helped get us out. It’s tough to sometimes admit that the one’s who make us crazy also are a part of what get’s us healed… Yuk. But annoyingly true. Continue reading “How to heal from the lies that Christian fundamentalism taught me.”

Sermon on The Woman at the Well and God’s Reconciliation by Paul

They let me preach again at Brookline Church of Christ on March 23, 2014. The reading were the story of the woman at the well from John 4:5-42 and Romans 5:1-11. I tried my best to link them in a 15 minute sermon, but this could probably be a 30 page exegesis/paper. Here it is. Continue reading “Sermon on The Woman at the Well and God’s Reconciliation by Paul”

What the Evangelicals, Pentecostals, and Catholics Taught Me

My mom’s side of the family is a flavor of fundamentalist evangelical Christian (church of Christ, note capitalization).

My dad’s side of the family is devout Catholic Christian, like, good Catholic Christians.

In K-12, I attended and graduated from a Pentecostal grade school based on the PACE program (Church of God, don’t ask me the differences).

I went to moderately evangelical Christian college (Pepperdine).

And attended very Catholic graduate school (Boston College). Continue reading “What the Evangelicals, Pentecostals, and Catholics Taught Me”

The Transfiguration of Jesus & Being Born Again [Catholic?!?!]

In mass the other day, I asked myself the question (again), “Paige, why would you want to become Catholic?” After all the existential crises and wonder and questions and education and travel and problems and writing and thoughts… Really, it’s very simple, and it always has been. I’ve been going to Catholic mass a long time. I don’t anticipate stopping going to mass. I enjoy the community, and I would like to participate fully in that community. Continue reading “The Transfiguration of Jesus & Being Born Again [Catholic?!?!]”

Lenten Dieting (aka Fasting)

From past blogs you can see that I’ve been pretty extreme in my lenten dieting (Lenten Locavore).  It has led to some enlightenment about food pricing, local food systems, learning what I like ad don’t like, seasons, what local foods are tough to find (or don’t really exist), health, etc. A part from my Lenten excuses to eat well, I also embarked on the Eat to Live diet over the summer. So, I have a tendency to diet. Continue reading “Lenten Dieting (aka Fasting)”

I’m giving up Justin Bieber for Lent

I have a confession to make… I’m a belieber. I’m ashamed to admit it, but it’s true. I’ll always dance to “I need somebody to love.” And I’ll always know “Baby” on the Ukulele (C, G, Am, F, Duh). Really, actually, I’m not giving up Justin Bieber for Lent. I’m just giving up Justin Bieber for my life. Continue reading “I’m giving up Justin Bieber for Lent”

America: Hipster to Nerd Takeover

I’ve been known to write about hipsters. In 2013 I wrote a little bit about “Eating Like a Hipster“. And even more amazingly, I wrote a little about “Hipster Christianity” in 2010. TWO THOUSAND AND TEN. That’s four years ago. In 2010, I figured it was just a little fad, the new emo, preppy, hippy, grunge etc, and maybe it is… Actually, it probably is (was?). It’s a phenomena that I began to see a bit of with that whole “metro-sexual” man movement on the west coast in 2006-2008, and then that pretty much combined with emo to create the full on hipster by 2009ish on both coasts. Continue reading “America: Hipster to Nerd Takeover”

15 Best Catholic Social Teaching Pick-Up Lines

A special Valentine’s Day treat.

Daily Theology

uphold your human dignity Do you have a passion for Catholic Social Teaching ? Are you unsure of how to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day? Here at Daily Theology, we are celebrating the day with these cheesy – and possibly irreverent – pick-up lines inspired by CST.

1. I’d like to uphold your human dignity.

2. You must be poor, ’cause I’ve got a preferential option for you.

3. Hey, don’t I know you? I could have sworn we were in solidarity with one another once?

4. Let’s unionize.

5. Hey, I read the signs of the times today and you were in it.

6. I want co-create with you.

7. Let’s get together and promote the dignity of workin’ it

8. I’m like John’s encyclical – I’m for all men of good will.

9. Can I participate in transforming your world?

10. I like your seamless garment, but I’d like it even more on…

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The 6 Most Shockingly Irresponsible “Fitspiration” Photos

This is an angry encouragement. Not perfect by any means, but nice to here from a man. “I’m only pointing out that strength only sells when it’s sexy—and, make no mistake, advertisers want very badly to make you feel like you are currently failing at both.”


The Reembody blog, up to this point, has been a thoughtful exploration of human movement, a subject about which I am extremely passionate.

Today, however, I’m mad and I’m going to tell you why.

I have been planning a blog post for a while on fitness misinformation, and it was originally going to be the same kind of thoughtful deconstruction found in my other installments. But then I read this and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever found in my newsfeed: so beautiful, in fact, that the rest of the health and fitness propaganda floating around Facebook like turds in a pool started to really, really piss me off.

So thoughtful deconstruction has been postponed for another day. Instead, we’re going to take a good look at a few of those turds and get pissed off together because, when someone preys upon your insecurities in an effort…

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3 Statements that Heal Everything

Maybe that’s an overstatement… but isn’t that what the internet is all about? This post originally appeared at…. Continue reading “3 Statements that Heal Everything”

Jesus’ Baptism Sunday! Sermon on Matthew 3:13-17

Jesus in line.
Jesus in line.

Listen to my sermon here:

I preached again. I was more nervous than the first time. Baptism is a particularly touchy topic (infant vs. believer vs. Holy Spirit, does baptism save you?, what’s the point of baptism? is it a sacrament? what does it do?). I kind of wanted to avoid that convo in my sermon. In fact, I had to swim through a lot of my own feelings about what baptism is and is not, why, how, where, etc etc etc, before I could even really sit and write this sermon.

I wasn’t really satisfied with it in the end, but I think that is probably ok, considering the topic. What baptism means, and what Jesus’ baptism means has been boggling our Christian minds since the beginning. I wasn’t going to cover everything, or adequately answer any questions. So, I just let baptism be baptism–something real, literal, and seemingly senseless–cold, wet, and full of grace. Continue reading “Jesus’ Baptism Sunday! Sermon on Matthew 3:13-17”

September 29th, Luke 16:19-31, Sermon on the Rich Man and Lazarus

Listen to my sermon here:

[This was the first time I preached, so I had to get this out of my system before reading the gospel. Thanks again to the Brookline church of Christ for the opportunity!]

Before I begin, there are two things I have to say. First, I think it’s important that I let you all know that I believe you are probably the best church of Christ IN THE WORLD. I tell all of my church of Christ friends this. I just wish there were more people, barring today, to hear the great preaching here… Continue reading “September 29th, Luke 16:19-31, Sermon on the Rich Man and Lazarus”

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