Summertime kills asceticism: Volunteer?

Air conditioning (utility bill is up!).  More time to work.  More pay.

I make more money in the summer, and this has led to more spending on non-ascetic things.  As I was walking in my VFFs the other day, I thought how insulting they are to people without shoes at all.  Rich-person’s simulation of bare feet (and I love them!).  Anyway, while I have been spending more, I am also saving more, and I have more time than normal.  How should I spend my extra time.  I was not sure, so I went to go see my very serious ex-nun (married to ex-priest) advisor, Dr. Doesn’t-eff-around.

Only working 20 hours per week and taking one class makes for a lot of free time, and most of my time at work is spent reading, doing homework, searching for volunteer jobs and researching Ph.D. programs.  I went to go see Dr. Doesn’t-eff-around to get some advice on PhD apps and fish for a real or volunteer job working in her research lab for the summer.  SCORE!  My $4000 worth of federal work-study that isn’t being used can be in her lab!  And after I left her office, I couldn’t help but feel that I am well on my way to PhD apps, and I should get it done asap.

So there you have it, summertime in New England brings extravagance to asceticism.  It’s no wonder that the homeless head to warmer climates, everything feels better there.  Looks like I won’t be volunteering… except for a Pepperdine Alumni event coming up.


Author: Paige

Explorer. Healer. Eater. School counselor, teacher, party planner. Personal passions are holistic healthcare education, spirituality, food, and writing.

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