I don’t hike enough: Mount Monadnock

The other week I went with a large group of middle schoolers to Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire.  Its apparently, one of the most hiked mountains in the country, and you can tell the way the rocks are worn–its like St. Pete’s Duomo.  Anyway, I totally ditched my kids about 15 minutes in, and started booking it to the top before we were all told to turn around and catch the bus–so worth it!  It probably took about an hour and half up (at ascetic paige booking speed), and an hour down (though I slowed to meet up with the kids coming down).    And guess what–I did it all in the Vibrams!  Which, I think, made the overall experience even more AWESOME.  I am ready to take on Kilimanjaro.

What’s cool about the hike is that about halfway up you get the view…

…and then you keep having the view until you are at the REAL top for the REAL view.

It was a good time.

I came across the 7 best hiking trips and I have only done one: half-dome.  I really don’t know how I managed to miss the Grand Canyon while out on the West Coast.  I drove by it several times, but never stopped.  My sibs say that the Grand Canyon is very grand.  Like, “Wow, look at that… it is exactly what it says it is.”  Other than those two, two other hikes that I would love to do would definitely be Machu Picchu and Mount Kilimanjaro (btw, I think it is spelled wrong on the list).

Then there are a bunch of places I have never considered: Zermat, Switzerland; Preikestolen, Norway; Blue Ridge Mountains, NC; Kalalau Trail, HI; Petra, Jordan; Castle Rock, NY; Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand; Rocky Mountains near Questa, NM; Otter Tsitsikamma trail, South Africa.

There are so many things to do all over the world!  How do you choose?  It’s cool to go hike a mountain, but it is also cool to wander a new city, and both are about the same price.


Author: Paige

Explorer. Healer. Eater. School counselor, teacher, party planner. Personal passions are holistic healthcare education, spirituality, food, and writing.

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