special someone or one night stand

So I went on my hike yesterday and made it back safely.  Before I chronicle the details of my hike, I thought I would post some thoughts about is basically an online community of interests groups (typically based on geography) that plan events and almost anyone is welcome to join.  Some groups are more serious and exclusive than others, some are just good resources to find stuff that’s happening in the city, most are free. I’ve been a part of and like a million groups (surfing, hiking, traveling, ultimate, slacklining, hippie alternative medicine, etc) since I moved to Boston.   Though I haven’t done too much with it, and you get about a million email (I think my alternative email has about 5000 messages in it right now).  I’ve played some ultimate on the Common, and yesterday I went on this hike (c.f. Pros and Cons of Storytelling for my reservations).

It was a pretty grueling, solid, intermediate hike, and I went with 3 other people I had never met.  This is sort of what meetup is all about: meeting people.  But we all know meeting people online is usually a hit-or-miss activity.  Meetup is no exception: the group (or activity) could be great, organized, and consistent, or weird, disorganized, and awkward.  Just like internet dating, you could have a wonderful time and find that special someone, or a one night stand.

I hit, but others on the same hike–MISS.  That’s what happens when 20 strangers get together for a 9 miles, 4000ft hike.

Like I said, I hit, I would totally hike with the same 3 people I rode with again.  But we killed the hike (before it killed us).  We kept pace, we stayed together, and we got back to Boston before dark.  Others on the hike were TWO HOURS behind us after we finished in 6.5 hours.  And while that sucks for them, I really have to give props to the leader of the hike–he stuck it out staying TWO HOURS behind for a bunch of people he may have JUST met.  That is noble, and is helpful for keeping a good reputation for the meetup group.  So maybe it was a hit for everyone… as long as we all made it down the mountain safely.

More on the trip later!

P.S. I also had GREAT experience playing with the Ultimate Frisbee group. Maybe they’ll be some nice groups in Ireland.


Author: Paige

Explorer. Healer. Eater. School counselor, teacher, party planner. Personal passions are holistic healthcare education, spirituality, food, and writing.

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