To Ireland?

No no–definitely, TO IRELAND! That whole visa, plane ticket, moving, and student loan thing will work themselves out. Yeah, pretty much none of those things are accomplished yet, and there is little to update, but here are some updates:

VISA: my partner and I are waiting for a sponsorship number from our sponsor. Until we have that, we can’t apply. We’re just waiting. If we need to expedite the visa process once we have that, then we will.

FLIGHTS: well… we can’t really go until we have visas. So we continue to wait. In other news, my parents are buying my flight home for the holidays for my birthday! Weeeeee!

MOVING: packing up this weekend… not sure if it’ll all fit in my car, BUT I AM DETERMINED! Who needs more than a blazer full of stuff anyway? I can get rid of stuff, or hide store stuff in other places (like my room where the new tenant will be “borrowing” my furniture).  Then I am off on a roadtrip to DC, NC, and final destination: Indy.  Most of the big paper work is going to have to wait until then…

LOANS: I’ve been furiously investigating how I can manage living/volunteering/working in another country with a ton of student loans.  I asked Yahoo answers, and didn’t exactly get the answers I was looking for… Mostly they told me stuff I already know, like that I’m a crazy person.  I also found a nice article that explained everything I should know about loans when I go to volunteer.  That was the most helpful.  But I’m pretty sure I actually can’t do anything (save for call the lenders), until it’s too late, i.e. I’m in loan trouble.  Which sort of makes sense… I guess.  And most of my loans are going to be out of grace in December.  There is a lot of waiting involved in traveling.

On those neutral notes.  I’m out.


Author: Paige

Explorer. Healer. Eater. School counselor, teacher, party planner. Personal passions are holistic healthcare education, spirituality, food, and writing.

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