Wannabe Locavore | Healthy Living | Community Building

I’m working on something new here at asceticpaige, you can find some of the updated info in about paige, but just check out my tag line above: Wannabe Locavore | Healthy Living | Community Building.

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Wannabe Locavore

This is where I’m beginning.  I’m a “wannabe” in that, I’m not totally local.  Do you know how hard this is?!?!?!  Nevertheless, I’m beginning.  I’m beginning by losing a lot of my processed foods, and I’m pretty good at this.  I get a pile of Boston Organics veggies every week or so, and I work through it as best I can (i.e. pickling, salads, roasting, soup, stir fry).

LocaConsumer?  I’ve actually been investigating ways I can better my overall local consumption.  For example: soap, lotions, hair stuff, clothes?  The list could go on forever.  Food is one thing, but are you willing to give up more?  Make more?  Basically be Amish?

Probably not… But I would totally be friends with and support the Amish, local farmers, and the like!  That’s why I’m a wannabe.

Healthy Living

That's me, eating an apple on a hike to some rocks in Ireland
That’s me, eating an apple on a hike to some rocks in Ireland

Just like I mentioned above, this isn’t simply about food, but I love food, and that’s how I like to begin and end my days.  Likewise, healthy food might be a good place to begin and end the cycle of unhealthy [everything].  What is healthy?  Not processed, local, happy, made with passion and love, eaten with passion and love, intense desire for good to come with the raw and natural consumption surrounding food and consumer products.  Good from creation to consumption, and not simply a means to an end (e.g. end my hunger).

Healthy Living also includes Healthy Action.  Yes, exercise.  I actually don’t like exercise.  I don’t like going to the gym to do exercise.  I’m more of a get outside and enjoy nature kind of exerciser: go to the beach, climb a mountain, walk to work, grow a garden, play with a puppy, build a chicken coop.  I like to feel like I’m being healthy and active on my earth instead of on a machine.

Then there is Healthy Spirituality.  Whether healthy eating and healthy action bring you to healthy spirituality, or heathy spirituality bring you to healthy action and eating, this is another part of the whole of Healthy Living.  For me, I meditate, I pray, I go to daily Mass, and I seek other ways to embody a healthy spirituality such as giving, volunteering, or simply engaging my community (friends, family, and sometimes strangers).

Wood for Sheep?
Wood for Sheep?

Community Building

If you’re trying to live local, and you’re trying to be healthy, the only way to do it is with community.  I need help.  I need to find local farms, I need to get a ride to the farms, I want to volunteer with the farms, I want to learn how to garden, take care of animals, and make my own stuff.  It’s kind of paradoxical that in order to be more independent in local and healthy consumption, I need you.

It’s illegal for me to raise chickens, so I need someone who can to help provide me I am dependent on others who are ahead of me in these endeavors.  I am dependent on the freedom of local farmers to farm and raise animals.  I’m dependent on people who have a greater passion to share and teach how to live, love, and build sustainable communities.

As much as I want to build local community, in this age, I can learn from and support anyone in the world through social networking. I want to find the pockets of locavores, farmers, heathy eaters, and community builders.  I want to like, tweet, pin, yelp, and share as much as I can.


Author: Paige

Explorer. Healer. Eater. School counselor, teacher, party planner. Personal passions are holistic healthcare education, spirituality, food, and writing.

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