You can be happy.

Do you ever feel like…

Nothing I do or don’t do will make me happy.  I’m destined to be sad FOREVER. I think something will make me happy, but nothing will.  Therefore, I will never be happy…

Maybe you’re not happy with your job, a situation, just life in general… We all have those moments when we feel like we will never be happy again. Think of a child (or adult) throwing a tantrum, at that moment, they genuinely believe that they may never ever be happy again… Maybe it’s because they didn’t get their way, or maybe because of a significant trauma. But genuine joy is possible.

Depth of sadness is only a reflection of a depth of love. When you hold on to anger, you leave no room for joy and happiness. Withholding forgiveness, is withholding love for yourself and the other. What do you want? What makes you feel invincible? Helping others. Giving. Family. Friends. God. Hold on in your heart, and joy will follow regardless of circumstance.

Say each complete statement and take a deep breathe.  This is EPTworks.

I forgive myself for believing…

I’ll never be happy.  No matter what I do I’ll be sad.  Nothing can make me happy.  If I’m happy then I won’t get what I want because I’m already happy.  The only way to get what I want is to be sad about it (think about it, we cry when we’re babies to get what we want).  I can’t be happy until I get what I want.  I will never find what I want, so I’ll just be sad about it.  Crying is the best way to show someone what I want.  Being sad is the best way to be close to someone.  If I’m happy about life, I’ll never get what I want out of life.  Happiness is overrated.  For being sad over what I desire instead of excited, creative, and motivated.  I’m spoiled.

I forgive others…

For being sad around me to get what they want.  For being so happy about what they have.  For being angry at me when I’m sad.  For reinforcing me (as an adult) by giving me what I want when I’m sad.  For not giving me positive feedback when I’m happy.  For not being happy with what they have.  For not being happy when they get what they want.  For believing they will never be happy.  For spoiling me.

I give others permission to forgive me…

For being whiney.  For being sad for no reason.  For being sad to get what I want.  For not being happy when I get what I want.  For not being happy when I should be happy.  When I’m mad at them for being sad for no reason.  For when I don’t listen because they are sad.  For when I don’t listen when they are happy.  For reinforcing their sadness by giving them what they want.  For when I spoil them.  For my ungratefulness.

I love and accept myself even when I’m afraid…

I’ll never be happy.  I’ll always be sad.  I’ll never get what I want whether I’m sad or happy.  I might cry in weird and awkward situations that I can’t control…

I give myself permission to accept…

I am a very happy person.  I want to be happy.  Whether I get what I want or not has no bearing on my happiness.  I don’t have to be sad to get what I want.  I can be excited and happy with whatever opportunities I have.

Without this unhappiness I am free to…

Be happy whether I get what I want or not. Approach people with my desires without being sad about it.  Enjoy my life without whining every time something doesn’t go the way I want.  Be motivated, creative, and inspired by what I want (instead of sad).  Be happy because I’m awesome.  Be happy because I am me.  Be happy because I am loved.  Be happy.

Don’t worry. Be happy.



Author: Paige

Explorer. Healer. Eater. School counselor, teacher, party planner. Personal passions are holistic healthcare education, spirituality, food, and writing.

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