America: Hipster to Nerd Takeover

I’ve been known to write about hipsters. In 2013 I wrote a little bit about “Eating Like a Hipster“. And even more amazingly, I wrote a little about “Hipster Christianity” in 2010. TWO THOUSAND AND TEN. That’s four years ago. In 2010, I figured it was just a little fad, the new emo, preppy, hippy, grunge etc, and maybe it is… Actually, it probably is (was?). It’s a phenomena that I began to see a bit of with that whole “metro-sexual” man movement on the west coast in 2006-2008, and then that pretty much combined with emo to create the full on hipster by 2009ish on both coasts.

When I moved to California from the Midwest, I noticed pretty quickly that our America’s trends seem to start on the borders and several years later manage to make their way inland . I remember a time when people didn’t wear scarves, and every one wore baggy pants or mom jeans. No one used to want to be a hipster, now everyone is a hipster:

  • Skinny jeans? Hipster.
  • Goodwill? Hipster.
  • Thick rimmed glasses? Hipster.
  • Chuck taylors? Hipster.
  • Flannel? Hipster.
  • Boys wearing scarves? Hipster.
  • Bangs? Hipster.
  • Bow ties? Hipster
  • Fair trade? Hipster.
  • Coffee? Hipster.
  • Farming? Hipster.
  • Traveling? Hipster.
  • Independent music? Hipster.
  • Folk? Hipster.
  • Banjo? Hipster.
  • Drinking craft beer? Hipster.
  • Playing catan? Hipster.
  • Farmer’s market? Hipster.
  • Christian? Hipster.
  • Muslim? Hipster.
  • Episcopal? Hipster.
  • Catholic? Hipster.
  • Liturgy? Super Hipster.

Hipster has become so ingrained in my culture, I can hardly remember what is and isn’t “hipster“.  It just appears to mean something is popular, trendy, but also partly unknown by the middle states (I think I just defined an American trend). Hipsters are beginning to take over “uncool”/randomish cities such as Asheville, Nashville, Buffalo, Savannah,  Omaha, and Denver. Then in Boston, there has been this intense melding of hipster and nerd. The nerds are taking over on the borders: LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York, and DC. In fact, it appears as though “nerd” might be taking over the “hipster” trend. The nerd may finally be making it.

  • Beer nerd.
  • Coffee nerd.
  • Board game nerd.
  • Food geek.
  • Chris Hardwick Nerdist
  • Graphic tee nerd.
  • Tech nerd.
  • Sports nerd.
  • Political nerd
  • Music nerd.
  • Knitting nerd.
  • Christian nerd.
  • Atheist nerd.
  • Jewish nerd.
  • Muslim nerd.
  • Buddhist nerd.
  • Robot nerd.
  • Art nerd.
  • Comedy nerd.
  • Movie nerd.
  • Trivia nerd.
  • Health nerd.
  • Any number of academic nerd.

We are all perfectly happy to admit to our nerd-dom. Because it’s cool. Andrew Luck, Colt QB, plays Catan. NERD ALERT.

Nerd also lines up perfectly with hipster fashion. Nerds are known to wear ill-fitting pants, dorky glasses, mis-matching clothes, and strange shoes. Basically, the exact same as so-called hipster. As hipster fashion has evolved, I’ve found my nerd-self caring less about matching and more about comfort, coolness, and social responsibility (buying local, second-hand, and consignment). My shoes are minimalist. And sometimes my sock are nerdily visible when I sit down.

Because, what is a nerd really except that someone who is extremely passionate about something. Hipsters were passionate about their clothes, their music, and not caring about what people think [or at least pretending… like nerds].

Think about the evolution of nerds on TV and nerdy TV. Big Bang Theory, IT Crowd, The Office, Silicon Valley, and, I hate to say it, but Glee. Then there are shows that actually cater to nerds: Game of Thrones, Dr. Who, Arrow, Agents of Shield, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, and Revolution. Nerd throwback shows that got new life on Netflix: Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Buffy, and every. single. Star Trek.

Then I think of all the other “cool” nerd things: NPR, Podcasts, Vinyl, comic books, Legos, stupid addictive video games like Flappy Bird, Mixology, pipe-smoking, every type of Asian food, and anti-bullying campaigns!

I’m calling it right here right now: Nerd Takeover.

Do you think the hipsters are coming to an end and just transforming into nerds? And is that cool?


Author: Paige

Explorer. Healer. Eater. School counselor, teacher, party planner. Personal passions are holistic healthcare education, spirituality, food, and writing.

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