30+ Things on 30

This is probably me just bragging, but I’m going to list 30 awesome things that I’ve done, or am thankful for, or make me me. I am 30 now, but lots of people still call me a baby. And the other day some 7th graders were arguing about whether or not I look old enough to have children. I guess that’s a good thing?

But on the anniversary of my birth a few days ago, I began to feel this extreme awareness of my mortality as well as every ache and pain in my body. Luckily, my mom did send me a pain relieving cream as part of my new decade survival pack.

Here are the first things that come to my mind…

  1. I’m the oldest (of 5 siblings)
  2. Red hair (very big blessing hair)
  3. Being a girl/woman/female (boys are dumb)
  4. wow this is hard.
  5. Pepperdine University
  6. A very nice goofy family that drive each other crazy, but love each other a lot.
  7. Forgiveness (how I mentally and physically survive)
  8. Living in Ireland
  9. Living/several trips to Nicaragua
  10. Spring Break in Hungary
  11. Spring Break in Italy
  12. Boston teaching me about sports and beer
  13. Roasting my own coffee
  14. Playing the ukulele
  15. Surfing (I took a class, and have surfed in Cali, Boston, and Ireland)
  16. Fishing
  17. halfway there
  18. Newman house, Boston College, meeting and loving my husband
  19. El Camino de Santiago
  20. Church of Christ (the whole spectrum, camps every year, yada yada)
  21. Brookline church of Christ (I preached here first)
  22. Catholicism (how did I get here again?)
  23. Church… I would go all the time to all the churches if I could.
  24. Studying religion
  25. Studying psychology
  26. Hiking (Prickly bum club at Pepperdine, Mt. Adams NH, Mt. Monadnock, whatever and wherever a place I can walk)
  27. Snowboarding
  28. Beach vacations (every year everywhere forever)
  29. The best Chiropractors IN THE WORLD! (My parents)
  30. I love and shuck oysters
  31. Yelping (don’t judge, it’s my preferred review site of choice)
  32. CSAing (more veggies please)
  33. The sauna (how I work out)
  34. Hot yoga (if I want to kick up my saunaing)
  35. Tech support (working in customer service will change any person’s life)
  36. Subway (my first job, and I’ve worked everyday since)
  37. Sushi (my last meal on earth)
  38. Pop music
  39. Dancing (I’m not good at it)
  40. That’s a bit more than 30.

I look back, and (not to sound all old), but I realize that I have forgotten some of the people I’ve known and the things I’ve done. New memories are replacing old ones. And even though I listed many of the places and things I love (newer, older, and past), it’s those places and things that most easily jar my memory to a story about a person, relationship, shared experience, joy, frustration, loss, sadness. I might be a bragging spoiled millennial, but I am so grateful for my life, my work, and the people surrounding it all.


Author: Paige

Explorer. Healer. Eater. School counselor, teacher, party planner. Personal passions are holistic healthcare education, spirituality, food, and writing.

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