8 Things I Have Learned About Urban Chicken Pets

So you’re thinking about getting chickens? Let me give you some advice via my flock of “teenagers” in metro Tampa.

1. If you go to a feed store with chicks: YOU WILL BUY CHICKS.



They are just so cute and fluffy and silly and puffy. I LOVE THEM! I NEED THEM! …I bought dem. Now they live indefinitely in a giant tupperware in my office.

2. You will fear their death at every waking hour. (I still have nightmares.)

3. To your pride and disappointment: they will survive (at least until they start laying eggs).


4. So buy everything in bulk–chickens eat a lot.


5. What kind of feed?!?! Medicated, not medicated, organic, non-GMO??!?!?

Whatever you feel, but know that the local food store person will judge you. I went to two feed stores and one was like, “The only type of chick feed is medicated,” and at another, “Oh no, don’t feed your healthy chicks medicated feed…”If you’re raising frou-frou chicks, just buy everything from Amazon and avoid the looks of disapproval.

6. Chicks grow faster than you can build a coop for them to live in.


Seriously, just buy a kit, pre-made, or get some very specific plans. Building a coop from scratch and without a recipe hasn’t been that bad. But not easy and not cheap. Honestly, you can just keep chickens out in a covered weatherproofed box, and whoever survives is the strongest. A lady in my neighborhood just lets them roam wild and sleep in the trees and chases them down if they get out of the yard.

7. POOP. Everywhere.

They are smelly, dusty, expensive, and adorable.

8. You will squeal with delight when the smallest of the flock finally starts roosting with the big girls.





Author: Paige

Explorer. Healer. Eater. School counselor, teacher, party planner. Personal passions are holistic healthcare education, spirituality, food, and writing.

3 thoughts on “8 Things I Have Learned About Urban Chicken Pets”

  1. Great! So very true about buying in bulk. Just make sure it is a product the bird will eat for sure. We have made the mistake of buying bulk not knowing the birds wouldn’t switch to the new feed too quickly.

    And I love your water bottle. Is it a re-purposed plastic bottle?

    Thanks for the fun (and informative!) post.

    1. Good point! Did you switch chick feed and then to laying feed? Were they unsure and eventually, upon starving, took to the new feed?

      Yep, I turned a water bottle, peanut butter jar, and 2 gallon bucket into waterers. I got so tired of cleaning out poo and pine chips out of the reservoir ones.

      1. Yeah, we did, and we were using the fancy organic stuff from a local feed supplier….spendy, but they loved it! We switched to the “crumbles” and they were not very happy. They managed, but we found a cheaper place to get the stuff they liked. I love your water bottles! Nice work 🙂

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