Just Be God’s: A Call to Continuing Conversion

Just Be God’s: A Call the Continuing Conversion.

This is the first in a series of blog posts that are scheduled throughout the year. I recommend reading in order, starting here. Below, is an explanation:

I wrote a lot three years ago and didn’t take it anywhere. It’s a autobiography/memoir of sorts, and publishers are, understandably, sick of these. I’ll be posting my past thoughts on being Protestant and becoming Catholic three years late. Spoiler Alert: Not much has changed.

What is this “Just Be God’s” all about?

It’s about me, Paige Cargioli, a girl who works in a Tech Call Center, and has two Master’s degrees from Boston College in Mental Health Counseling and in Pastoral Ministry.

These are my thoughts for an entire year of RCIA at Boston College. Simultaneously, I was attending a Protestant church (Brookline Church of Christ). There, I was given the opportunity to preach several times throughout the course of the same year I was doing RCIA.

This project shows me going back and forth between these two Christian flavors. It shows my frustration, my friends opinions, and my questions. I occasionally mention pop culture, pray, and reflect on the readings from that year. That’s it. It’s an in real time Christian narrative mind trap.

It is my journey, and it is not unique. It’s back and forth, and very repetitive. It’s also extremely narcissistic and naive. In this narrative diary, I don’t hold back, and there are probably a lot of heretical and insensitive things said to multiple groups written in here. That’s what I was thinking at the time. I wasn’t writing expecting others to read it, and I have no idea who will be interested in reading this now.

If you’re a voyeur, you might like it because it is a day to day journal of a young, professional in constant spiritual crisis. Some days are more coherent than others.

If you’ve ever “converted” within Christianity, or are considering, you might like it.

This project is for the wanderers and those who like to break the rules. It’s for the person who likes questions more than answers and conversation more than debate.

This blog isn’t to convince anyone of anything. I don’t care if you’re Protestant or Catholic. It is demonstrative of an imperfect, confused, honest Christian seeking Jesus. It’s just a story meant to remind you that you are not alone.

If you would like to read on, here are the currently published posts:

Sept 17, 2013: Finally, RCIA

Sept 18, 2013: Catholic Learning Small Group AKA RCIA

Sept 19, 2013: Communal Faith, It Is Enough

Sept 21 Wake Up

Sept 23 First Draft Donehttps://asceticpaige.wordpress.com/2016/09/23/first-draft-done/

Sept 24 More complex millennial expectations

Sept 26 This Path Is THE WORST

First sermon sept 29

Sept 30 one day preacher, next RCIA

Oct 1 Reactions to my sermon

Oct 2 My Hobby is Jesus

Oct 5 Paid To Preach

Oct 8 spiritually stressed

Oct 16 I Miss Certitude

Oct 22 Universal salvation

Oct 24 old fashioned evening prayer

Oct 26 RCIA prayer retreat

Oct 31 everyone is spiritual

Nov 4 Christian converting to Christian

Nov 14 publishing the sermon

Dec 3 Incognito Catholic

Dec 4 Advent waiting

Dec 11 what does it mean to fully commit to the Catholic Church?

Dec 13 this catholic conversion is fishy

Jan 2014 what is assumed if I become catholic?

Jan 9 what if there is no priest?!

Jan 13 sermon 2 on baptism

Jan 17 Catholics vs Protestants

Jan 23 Super blessed loving liturgy

Feb 7 it’s an addition not a subtraction

Feb 10 late catholic paperwork

Feb late paperwork 2

Feb 18 mystery and desire

Feb 20 sacraments

Feb dear potential confirmation sponsors

Feb 27 on the way

March 1 dieting at lent

March 2 I don’t want to be born again

March 9 The call to continuing conversion

March 11 Preaching Again

March 23 The woman at the well

March 26 all tables are open to you

March 29 get confirmation over with

April 6 three weeks to confirmation

April 15 what to confess

April 23 I don’t get sin

Future paige still doesn’t get sin

April 28 I guess I’m Catholic now

Oct 9 2016 why did I do it? 3 reasons I became catholic.

May 11 2014 sermon on sarah and Abraham

I’ll do my best to respond to comments and reflect on… Myself? Over the weekends.


Author: Paige

Explorer. Healer. Eater. School counselor, teacher, party planner. Personal passions are holistic healthcare education, spirituality, food, and writing.

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