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Just Be God’s: A Call to Continuing Conversion is a series of blog posts. You might want to start reading it from the beginning: Here.

Karl Rahner is the one who talks about the
Karl Rahner is the one who talks about the “Anonymous Christian”

December 3

This morning, I was thinking about how unfair it is that Catholics can go to Protestant church and it be no big deal incognito, but not vice versa. It’s not fair. I suppose that, depending on the Catholic, they might feel awkward participating in the rituals of a Protestant church, but they aren’t unwelcome to it. This is, in part, how I justify my potential “conversion” to Catholicism. Conversion. It shouldn’t be called that. My friend Kate said, “You’re thinking about ‘coming into full communion’ with the Catholic Church; it’s not like you were atheist or Hindu or something.”

This is true, and way more the way I think about it, but I still dislike the unfairness. I’m a rare bird choosing to become Catholic while also holding onto my roots. Not really letting either group have full grip on me, because it shouldn’t be that way. There are all kinds of born and raised Catholics who continue to claim it and participate in other churches. That’s what I want to be! One of those Catholics! But I’m not born and raised, I’m a noob.


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