This Catholic Conversion is Fishy

Just Be God’s: A Call to Continuing Conversion is a series of blog posts. You might want to start reading it from the beginning: Here.

December 13

The priest this morning at Mass talked about the gospel reading. Jesus basically says, regardless of what you do, if someone isn’t willing to change or be receptive, or they just don’t like you, then they’ll always have something to criticize you about. It’s a weird lesson, but a good point, considering it was written a while ago.

I don’t know what was for me in it. I guess to be attentive to the places I need to be attentive. Look at my reason for resistance before I resist.

Someone confessed their leeriness of my Catholic conversion. Yes, my timing is kind of fishy, considering my super Catholic boyfriend, but it’s not like I planned it this way! I’ve been on this journey for five years now.

It is something I need to consider in myself, “Would I be doing this if it wasn’t for Steve?” I don’t actually know. I don’t know where I would be. I’m reasonably sure I’d still be going to Mass. I did that without Steve, and I told my buddy that. He knows. He gets it. But he explained that his girlfriend kind of hates the idea of anyone actually choosing to join the Catholic church. I was surprised, like, what does it matter. What am I supposed to do? It’s not like all the Christian churches are in some competition to get the most members and whoever has the most wins. No. No one is ever going to win that competition.

I’m playing the game and breaking the rules. The competition is a joke, and I’m just enjoying the ride.

It’s like, so I become Episcopal. So what? I decide on Lutheran. Okay. I get confirmed Catholic, and I can be involved with them all. I’m super Catholic, but I’m not Catholic at all. Quintessential both/and.

All doctrinal issues aside, it doesn’t really matter. No one person in a church is in complete congruence with that community. That’s impossible. If every church was perfect, there would be no need for church(es).


Author: Paige

Explorer. Healer. Eater. School counselor, teacher, party planner. Personal passions are holistic healthcare education, spirituality, food, and writing.

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