Late Catholic Paperwork!

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February 10

This morning, I was thinking about how I had to fill out my Catholic paper work, but I never heard back from Sr. Mary about if she was able to open it and get it in in time. Part of me was like, “Oh well, that’s okay.” But then another part of me was like, “No! I don’t want to have to do this again!” Like, if I miss my confirmation window this round, I won’t have the wherewithal to do it again.

I would be strangely sad and annoyed if I was “too late” The paperwork for the bishop looks quite strict, like, “If you don’t get this to us by the date, then you can’t become Catholic until next year.” It’s disheartening. Then in some ways, maybe it’s a nice thing, because obviously no one is like super worried for my Protestant soul.

I guess I would be pretty sad if my impending Catholicism was postponed on account of a technicality and the strictness of the Boston diocese. My parents already have tickets to come out and see the Confirmation. But it’s nerve-racking not hearing from Sr. Mary… I’m sad about it.

Other things that feel awkward about confirmation— another nine p.m. mass. It’s all undergrads.

And that is really close to my bedtime.


Author: Paige

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