Dieting at Lent

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March 1

Lent will be here very soon, and I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to fast. For Lent, Steve does three things: something spiritual (like pray), he gives money or time, and he fasts. For fasting, we’re doing “Eat to Live.” What does “doing Eat to Live” mean? It means no [severely] processed foods.

It’s easier to think of all the things I can eat, than can’t. I can eat any fruits and veggies, unprocessed meats, raw dairy products, eggs, nuts, beans… Things that I make exceptions for are good oils (coconut and olive oil), salt and spices, coffee and tea, possibly butter, and that’s pretty much it. It’s an intense diet, but it’s good. On the diet, you’re not supposed to eat much corn, white potatoes, and starchy stuff, but if you cook it yourself, it’s far better than going out to eat (c.f. french fries).

It could feel expensive, but it’s not. I’m not going out to eat, I’m not drinking, and beans are real cheap. Locavore is tougher to do, but I want to support Steve, and this will be good and cleansing. I’ll try not to buy from too far away, and I have a local grocer nearby to buy from.

That covers fasting for me, but what else will I do. Steve and I are also going to be praying the liturgy of the hours every day, morning and evening. We’ll pray apart in the morning, and together in the evening. We did that a couple years ago and it was very good.

Giving! This is probably my biggest struggle. I don’t know how to give. At least not consistently. If I have a couple bucks in my wallet, I might donate it at church. If a friend is raising money for a good cause, I’ll give what I can. But this one time/occasional giving seems lame to me. What are my three dollars going to do? Or even, what is my hundred dollars going to do? I want to know, and see with my own eyes, that something good was done with my cash money, but usually you never do.

That’s probably why giving to service trips and missionary type things are so popular: you can see your dollars at work (but it’s still usually for your own benefit). Money and time. I’ll give time instead.

I could volunteer to feed the homeless on Friday nights. I’ve always said I want to do that, and have yet to do it again. I know some good volunteer groups. Yeah, that’d be good for me. I don’t really feel like I can give money, but time is just as valuable. I’ll give time.



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