About Paige

Just Be God’s: A Call the Continuing Conversion

What is this blog asceticpaige?

It’s pursuing passion through writing. I write about whatever I want, and the more I write, the more I realize what I like to write about. That’s why I started this blog, and that’s why I continue it. I chose asceticism as a theme because I want to live more sustainably. I want to buy local, use less water, buy less stuff, grow food, build things, learn transferable survival skills, raise chickens, and think about how these things are linked to living a Christian life. I focus on food, building community, spirituality, and social networking. I hope you enjoy.

About Paige:

I lived on every US coast. I’ve studied biology, religion, pastoral care, counseling, forgiveness, and healing. I’ve worked as a professional administrator in campus ministry, social sciences, and business schools. Built houses in Mexico, hosted medical and dental teams in rural Nicaragua, and I volunteered as a retreat director in Northern Ireland. I’m a freelance preacher. I’m protestant. I’m catholic. Seriously. I worked for Yelp once. I write, I review, I sing, and dance. I’ve traveled all over the world and surfed it too.

I’m a school counselor in two elementary schools. When I feel like it, or need extra cash, I adjunct teach college religion. I’m a cook and I love animals. Chocolate, coffee, beer, bourbon, and pop music are some of the vices I try and keep under control. I love my Boston Terrier, Panda. I don’t think I could stand to live more than an hour from any coast. I tweet @paigecargioli, Instagram, Pinterest



4 thoughts on “About Paige”

  1. Paige,
    Loved your blog.
    Kids & I are hiking up Monadnock tomorrow. (for the tenth time.)
    That’s how I found your blog.
    Love your hair & your name and your story!
    My wife & I have a ginger – Laura – 16
    If you need a place to stay in Mass or want a visit us on Vinalhaven , send me an email.

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