Rich People Problems. Poor People Problems.

riococoDon’t you ever wonder how people who “make it” and do what they love and love what they do, got there?  I want to know logistics like: did you have any bills?  If so, how did you pay them?  Did you work really crappy jobs in order to get to your “dream job”?  Where did you live?  Did you have a car?  How’d you pay for that?  Did you ever take a break?  Were you in the city?  The country? The suburbs? What about rest, vacation, play, family, TV, facebook, movies?  Hobbies?  Children?  Marriage?  On my other blog I wrote a post called I hate this place for those of us occasionally feeling stuck, bored, and generally dissatisfied with life (even with our college/grad educations and full-time employment).

I know it’s probably just an excuse of a judgment, but in my mind, I imagine these people who “make it” as already wealthy with plenty of financial support in order to survive while they “do what they love” whether that be video game development or self-help site or non-profit or fiction writer… And many of the people I know who have made it, are that:  No bills, wealthy enough parents, and magical financial support–they were living the life before they started the life.

Any sort of “self-help” type video I’ve watched about pursuing your passion does not address these issues.  It also doesn’t address justice or those who really can’t pursue passion because of their social/cultural/economic situations, as if there are no blocks but ourselves (which, for many is the U.S. with a college education, might be true).   I agree, that the world would probably be a better place if we all loved what we do.  But I can’t imagine there are too many people who want to be plumbers or fridge repair paigemompeople or in customer service.  BUT we need those people!  Instead, we all want to be famous, recognized, published, bosses, travelers, helpers (who get credit), scientists, doctors, lawyers, independently wealthy, genuinely poor/living simply, teachers (at the perfect fit school), athletes, play, inventors, business owners… Did I miss anything?  We don’t want jobs that deal with the reality of life, but we NEED those jobs.  How can we reconcile the pursuit of passion when people’s basic needs are not being met, and we need people to work crappy jobs to help meet those needs?

There is one person I know, who appears to have “made it” without the financial magic–just hard work, some crappy, but all for passion and love: My mom.  Her success only began to feel salient AFTER I was in college, and she still has bills to pay!  (But she also manages to travel and vacation a lot, and also works, writes, and lives her own schedule: 3.5 day work week.)  So, if I’m on the same schedule as my mom to “make it,” I still have more or less 15 years.  I also need to have 5 kids in that amount of time. Better get to work!


“Indiana, that’s a GREAT part of the world.” (How to find yourself on BBC Radio, and more!)

“Indiana, that’s a GREAT part of the world.” (How to find yourself on BBC Radio, and more!).

Most recent post of Cheryl and I in IRELAND!

A New Era: AsceticPaige in The North of/Northern Ireland

So here I have arrived.  I’ve met Fr. John, Fr. Efren, Fr. Mel, Fr. Tom, Fr. Terrance, postulate Stefan, Bridget (the cook), Evon (the housekeeper), Regina (the secretary), Brian (part of retreat planning), Kevin (taxi driver, west Belfast tour guide, former political prisoner), Tom (Mayor of our village: Kilmore, meaning “big church”), Mary (his wife), Kathy, Margaret, Pat, more Mary’s, more Tom’s… and others whose names  escape me, and/or I can’t remember.

It’s been THREE days in Ireland and I think I’m FINALLY getting a bit of a picture of the history (at least on the Republican side).  I’m also getting used to riding on the left side of the road, being joked with about becoming a nun (actually this is getting old), changing plans, spontaneous plans, not saying “awesome,” and regular use of words and phrases such as “lad,” “wee,” “lovely,” “give it a miss,” “loo,” “gents,” “chips,” and I really need to start a list… I think I’ve already started adapting.

TEA = TRAP!  Not that I mind regular breaks (morning, afternoon, evening), conversation, and warm beverages.  Tis a lovely trap.

Belfast is a small small world.  And I’m living in a village of Belfast, even smaller.  A village of a village even: KILMORE.  Population: ~200-300.  Just behind the local publick house.  It’s pretty awesome.

In 4 days: $500 for a Sticker in my Passport

So, after waiting for about 4 MONTHS for a Certificate of Sponsorship from the UK, I then went on to acquire a visa in about 4 DAYS.  For anyone else looking to get a work visa from the UK, make sure you have that sponsorship NAILED DOWN.  It’s the first part of the process, and it’s almost completely out of the applicant’s hands.  But once you have that Certificate–smooth sailing (at least out of the US).

Here is a list of everything I sent to the British Consulate in New York:

All pretty straight forward.  The trickiest thing was scheduling my biometrics, and on the day I got it done I overnighted my entire packet:

  • Monday: Biometrics, copies, post office
  • Tuesday: Application arrived at consulate in New York
  • Wednesday: Visa issued in NY
  • Thursday: Visa returned to my house

Other things that needed to be taken care of:

  • Loans: called and forbearance no problem
  • Bank: opened another checking account via bro’s rec for best exchange rates and free atm fees
  • Flights: I’m ready to buy RIGHT NOW.  Just waiting for the go ahead.  I’ll be off on Monday, Nov. 28th.

You’d think after being at home in Indiana for 3 months, I would be SUPER prepared to go, buuuuut I’m not exactly.  I suppose on a emotional/spiritual level, I’m more ready to go than I was 3 months ago.  But on a logistical/”is this real life?” level–not at all.  Even though I’m pretty well traveled, I feel like I have no way to adequately prepare for all this except by just going.  I don’t know what to bring, what I might forget, what I’m doing once I’m there, I don’t know how to drive a stick (let alone on the opposite side of the road), I don’t have my renewed license or new check card, I don’t know if I’ll have a bank there, I don’t know if I’ll have a cell or internet where I live in N. Ireland, I don’t know when I will be returning (I’m not coming home for Christmas) or when/if someone may visit… It’s just nine months of unknown.  How can I prepare?  At least I’m not pregnant, nor have I ever been… And now I’m thinking of a birth metaphor for all this, because at the end of 9 months, I have no idea what to expect , and I don’t even know when I might get clearer picture.

Wow.  All the unknown that tends to haunt non-married 20/30-somethings is right here with me, and I usually HATE it.  But right now, it feels so good!  After waiting for so long, I was worried I wouldn’t have the same gusto as when this whole process started–but it’s back!

Send me!

News (more like complaints) from the Unemployment Line

Since my last post about “the perfect Indianapolis day,” I have essentially become MAROONED in Indianapolis.  It’s not so bad I guess.  But I sure can understand all the “Occupy this-or-that” post grads with nothing better to do.  Sure, most of the day I lay a round in a very nice house and cuddle with a very nice puppy, BUT THERE HAS TO BE MORE OUT THERE!!!!

(Note: STILL waiting for the UK Border Patrol to get their act together so I can start my VOLUNTEER job in N. Ireland.  I hope for a start date by January.  Otherwise, I’m moving on to the post-Ireland plan, e.g. get a job or more school.)

OUT THERE–I have very successful friends, and maybe if I’m lucky enough to still be their friend as they continue in success, some of their success will drip over to me.  What is success?  I guess it’s those people who ACTUALLY GET TO DO what they set out to do, AND they like it.  In the meantime, I guess I should be happy that I can substitute teach… Even though it has nothing to do with what I have been studying for the past 8 years of my life.  And pays less than half of what I have been paid for the past 8 years of my life.  I sure do sound bitter even though last month I went to Boston and had a beach vaca, and I will do the same in the coming month.  After that it’s basically Christmas or bust.

While I want to try and empathize with those who are WAY less fortunate than I am, I honestly have trouble not feeling like I deserve what I want right now. And because I’m not getting what I want right now at this very moment, a petulant child is coming out.  Some may NEVER EVER get what they want, and still be happy.  And I’m reasonably sure I’ll eventually have what I want, but I’m still not so sure about this happiness thing.  How does that work?

Soooooooo… While I’m waiting for what I want (Ireland, which is completely out of my control), I get to figure out what I want while I’m waiting for what I want.  I would like to make money.  AND LOOK!  I can sub.  Check.  I would like to visit the bf and go on family vacations.  I’ve done that too!  I would like to do more churchy things.  Done that too!  And I’m getting particularly good at Yelp reviews–Yeehaw!

I would like to figure out what I will do AFTER Ireland… Working on it.  It’s tough trying to narrow things down.  I expected to just leave the country ASAP shirking all REAL responsibility (including unpacking and trading out seasonal clothes).  Responsibility found me.  And now I have no idea what to expect from Ireland.

Stupid adulthood.

Perfect Indianapolis Afternoon

Me, and my brothers, and my bf are all from the greater Indianapolis area… And all of us have little pride when it comes to the city.  Sure, we have Payton, and the Indy 500, and the movie Hoosiers, but what else is there?  Who wants to convince their friends to come visit them in, ahem, Indianapolis?

Maybe this will convince you:

Two breweries and Chicken and Waffles all within walking distance. I could add other exciting Indianapolis activities (like the museums, the circle, or Broad Ripple), but really, this is the PERFECT afternoon.

It could begin and end wherever your heart desires, but this was the path we took:

Flat12 Bierwerks: This place hasn’t even been open a year, and they’re AWESOME.  They’re doing some things very right here at this tiny new brewery.  Maybe it’s the three porters being offered in the summer, and their t-shirt asserting, “Jesus Loves Porter.”  Yeah, an easy way to get into the Hoosier’s brain is telling it that Jesus loves something.  Seriously though, go in, try all the beers, and I dare you to pass up another pint or not invest in a growler.  I’m convinced it’s impossible not to leave without finding YOUR perfect beer.  The biermeister was also quite accessible.  I had some questions about the beer, and he drank with me and my bros and answered our questions and was curious about our opinions of different beers.  It was fun.

We then stumbled over to Sunking Brewery: This place is a bit bigger and more formal than Flat12.  We picked up out tasting tokens (because you only get to try 6 beers, ugh), signed up for an ACTUAL tour, and got in line for our beer.  Yes, there was a line.  This place was busy!  Their beer, not that great… especially after Flat12.  Their tour? Pretty nice–they’ve got some beer aging in bourbon barrels, and my fav brewery in Maine (Allagash) does the same.  Who doesn’t like a big wiff of bourbon in the afternoon?  Nevertheless, I really wanted to tell everyone in there that they should walk over to Flat12.  We even went back to grab a growler.  But first we needed some CHICKEN and WAFFLES!

Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles: O.M.G.  This is PERFECT.  I got the $5 waffle and wing combo.  So good. What’s better?  Sweet potato waffle.  Yes, they have that.  I destroyed that meal, and wanted more.

Come to Indy people.

Ireland Update:

Oh man, traveling for a good cause is FRUSTRATING! As far as I can tell, this is normal.  Since the last post I managed to move back to Indiana via Chapel Hill, NC via Washington, DC.  DC was cool, I had never been, and I was eaten alive by the swampy mosquitoes, and was hipstered out by a local coffee shop (seriously, I felt guilty for not bringing my dishes to this place).  Since all that, I’ve just been laying around Indy for the past week or so. FLIGHTS and VISA are still in the same place they were (waiting, waiting). But I figured out I have a another year I can put off paying loans–woohoo!

Lastly, I like writing Yelp Reviews.  You should check that out.