Maybe I’m behind on The Times (NY that is)

I want to do this.  Cruise in the Amazon for $17 a day (food included) and sleep in a hammock with people packed in like sardines.  Well, I have traveled 9 hours up the Rio Coco between Nicaragua and Honduras, and then spent the night in a chicken coop on a hammock.  That is pretty close… but this only increases my desire to go to Brazil…

While I discovered this article, apparently, this section of The Times (frugal traveler) was recently passed on from Matt Gross (who began in 2006) to Seth Kugel (who began about June 1, 2010).  Isn’t this a freaking AWESOME job? And I think we need a girls perspective on this… Yes. Most def, because it is a little bit different traveling the world as a girl, and not like in lame stereotypical way (like I need my blowdryer and make-up).  Women have to be a bit more cautious, safe, clever, make good friends, and work their way to free stuff (without sacrificing dignity, ha).

In the meantime, I’ll will be keeping tabs on this new torch carrier…


Thinking of Travel

When my mind wanders, it often wanders to, “Where will I go?” My dreams of epic traveling next summer almost seems impossible, but everything in me is direct to it and planning for it. I am saving. I will be graduated. I will be free. And hopefully… I will have a plan of what to happen post-travel… which may indeed involve more travel.

Anyway, the question in my mind is often, “Where do I want to go?” This time I asked myself, “What do I want to see (that I haven’t seen)?” A few things came to mind right away: do the Motorcycle diaries thing all the way up South America, climb Machu Picchu, take stupid pics at Egypt’s Pyramids, walk the Great Wall of China, say hi to Mount Everest, check out that one really cool building in Moscow, swim in a hotspring somewhere in northern Europe, steal shoes at the Taj Mahal, then relax at the beach in Thailand.

Upon further research, there is more… I found this list, and a lot of the stuff on the list you could do anywhere.

Think I could do it all in a couple months? is wicked awesome for this type of planning btw…

Sometimes killing bugs makes me feel guilty…

So I wake up around seven this morning and I look across my carpet in the slightly overcast lighting, and I notice the scariest bug ever casually walking towards my clothes.  It is a centipede, and these buggers are big, ugly and faster than most rodents.  I hate them.  It gives me an adrenaline rush just looking at them, so I avoid close contact.

But this time, it crossed the line–my clothes.  I sit in my bed strategizing how to best deal with this situation.  The centipede is in my clothes on the floor.  I look to my Rainbow flip flops as a possible offensive weapon.  I think, if I grab my jeans and try to search for this guy I will lose the battle.  Or I could just wait, and avoid my jeans for a few days… As I am thinking all this, Mr. Centipede casually walks away from my pants and towards my bed.  I grab my sandal, I’ve got one shot… WHACK!  Dead.  And I leave the remains as a message to its brothers.

I strongly dislike killing things.  Even ugly, scary, boundary crossing bugs.  But when push comes to shove, you gotta do what you gotta do.  It is me or the bug.  Spend a couple nights in rural Nicaragua, and there are bigger more worthy things to be afraid of than large insects, crustaceans, and arachnids.  I find I am more afraid of bugs stateside than when I am traveling, cause when I am stateside, bugs are the scariest and most unusual thing I have to deal with.  So, don’t be afraid, just do what you need to do.  Then send a little prayer up to the bug gods to relieve guilt.

Vibram Fivefinger “Shoes”

For the past couple months I have been lusting over a popular hippie/wannabe hippie item Vibram Fivefinger shoes.  Awesome because I want to be barefoot all the time and walk a lot in flip flops.  Bad because they are expensive, weird looking, and have horrible colors (as pictured).

All right, I have a slight shoe problem.  I like crazy fad and comfy shoes and sandals.  And these I want, and I will likely buy (thank you glorious tax return).  I’ve done my research, and a Harvard professor says its good for me.  After all, everything on youtube is true.

Other things I would like to invest in? a slack line, new tennis shoes, a new camera… I’m an expensive ascetic…

The next day—Okay, I bought some today (can one we rich and ascetic?), I will be happy to review them, and I am excited to wear them to my internship site next semester and all over the world! Woooo!