I owe $20

Currently Ascetic Paige has no more spending money until the next payday: April 15th. Well, actually I have $20 in my wallet, but this $20 is $20 I owe to someone… but if I never give it to him, he will never bring it up.  I am thinking that I will continue in payments.  At first I owed him $30, then I gave him $10.  If I give him another $10, then I could use the leftover $10 for a burrito with coworkers next week, a gallon of milk and a thermometer to make copious amounts of yogurt.

All I know is that the longer I go with cash in my wallet and forget to make the payment, the more likely I am to just go ahead and spend it.

I have 15 days to survive on food given to me and what’s in my cupboard/fridge/freezer.  I believe I have plenty, but variety might be lacking a bit.  I take leftovers from events when I can, I have like a 10 lb bag of rice, I might fast before Easter… Sometimes I feel like I should just live in my SUV similarly to this guy, but I am too dependent on people, and I think that socializing is where most of my money goes. I have to be creative! That’s why I went to the MFA, and that is why I can’t wait to return.

I continuously remind people that I am Ascetic Paige, and if I plan ahead, I can manage not to spend.  Also, I have been abundantly grateful for free stuff.  Any sort of free food is awesome.

And in case you were wondering, I am hardly running out of food, but when it starts to get to the bones–it will be noted here.


a little monet: for free!

i changed the header of my blog to some monet paintings.  anyone? pun? irony?  asceticism, money, monet.  well, i think its funny.

i went to the mfa yesterday and it didn’t cost me a dime.  i think the more ascetic you are the more creative and cultured you will become.

there were quite a few monet at the mfa.  I am a fan.

Turner Slaveship is one of my favorite pieces, and low and behold, there it is in the mfa.

this was creeping hanging on the wall, and my camera recognized the face when i took the photo.  also, when i was a child my parents affectionately called me “medusa” because of my hair in the morning…