Jaded Millennial Doesn’t Buy Local Anymore

I love local stuff. But it is expensive and often over indulgent. For example: Coffee. I love it so much. It’s how you know that a place is being gentrified and thrives on an upper middle class economy. Just look for the fancy beer bars and coffee. People tout this local stuff and everyone who is a millennial and can afford it, buys it. Continue reading “Jaded Millennial Doesn’t Buy Local Anymore”


Locavore vs. Vegan vs. Vegetarian vs. Nutritarian vs. Paleo vs. Bulletproof (vs. Raw)

This guy is a vegan?!?!

Choosing a diet is like choosing a religion. You have to commit. Now, before you commit, you can do some shopping around. Heck, you can even be fully involved for years, but at some point, you’re going to have to pick, or just be a-religious (and eat whatever you want, whenever you want, reap the consequences and maybe die earlier because of them).

Around Lenten time, I committed to Locavorism–and it was AWESOME. Now, for the past 4 weeks (two more to go!) I’ve been Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “nutritarian” AKA a vegan that actually eat vegetables. In between these diets, I was mostly just eating whatever I want, whenever I want. Loved my Bulletproof coffee in the morning, and aspiring to be Paleo-ish…

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No Longer Locavore Guilt

I’ve been putting off writing this post…  Because it makes me feel guilty.

Being a Lenten Locavore was awesome.

Breaking fast was also awesome.

But since breaking, I just don’t feel as good.  I’m not sure if this is guilt.  Let me explain… Continue reading “No Longer Locavore Guilt”

Lenten Locavore Learning: What is not local?


Well, at this point, technically, your lenten fast is over, and we are all mid-Triduum fast (which may or may not be the same thing you gave up for lent, it usually is).  As I have become better at eating local, it seems like there has been less to write about.  I eat a lot of veggies, meat, cheese, eggs, and that’s about it.

But at the beginning of this week, like with any good lenten faster, I started to fantasize about all the things I want to buy that are not local.  I began to make a list of what is tough (for me) to really live without… forever.  IF I were to be a “true” locavore.

Granted, I already have made an exception for coffee and coconut oil… What other things are tough.  What’s NOT local? Continue reading “Lenten Locavore Learning: What is not local?”

Locavore = Brave

Look it's me!Explaining this whole “Lenten Locavore” thing to people has been a real challenge.  They basically look at me like I’m insane, and I’m pretty sure I am.  This is winter.  This is New England.  This is impossible.  And no, it is not easy.  It is not cheap. There is tons of cooking!  It takes serious planning and time.  But what came to my attention yesterday, is that it really takes some courage to be a locavore. It takes bravery… Continue reading “Locavore = Brave”

Buying Direct Trade Coffee?

The day has finally come.  My pre-Lent-bought Trader Joe’s cuppa fair trade joe has run out, and I need to find a coffee source.  I’m not embargoing the world here!  I mentioned in the comments of this blog that I plan to buy fair trade for some of my non-New-England staples (coffee and coconut oil).  BUT I don’t really know anything about fair trade, and if you do a little searching on the interwebs, there is some understandable skepticism about it.  Coffee, in particular, is super complicated… Continue reading “Buying Direct Trade Coffee?”

Butchers & BBQ: So Happy I’m not a Vegetarian

My dream.

Otherwise I would STARVE in locavore challenge winter wonderland.  I just thought I would share a genuine exchange that just occurred:

  1. Steve to Paige: “If by some miracle Damien has tickets to this, tell him we’ll give him our firstborn child for them: http://amusecochon.com/2013/boston/
  2. Paige to Damien: “Damien, Just FYI, see message below [or above in this case].  Also, have a nice hump day. Paige. p.s. Mmmmmm Piggggg.”
  3. Damien to Paige: “of course I have tickets.  stay tuned, first born at the ready.”

COCHON555 looks incredible: 5 Chefs, 5 Pigs, 5 Winemakers.  Besides the shear awesomeness that this event appears to be, it opened up another world of possibilities in my locavore pursuits–local butcher and BBQ?!?!

  1. Hoping to check out this sweet (sweet?) looking butcher in Somerville (Why is Somerville so true to hippy living?!?!).
  2. And this sweet looking Boston BBQ place that sources locally: Sweet Cheeks Q.  (Only on Sunday during Lent, like the good Lord would want it.)

In the meantime, I’m going to contemplate the deal I just made involving my kin for bacon…