AJR Sober Up and Adult Development

On my long commute out of Clearwater and into Tampa AJR’s song popped on the radio,

“Won’t you help me sober up / All the big kids they are drunk / and I want to feel something again…”

It spoke to my emerging adult self. I thought of friends and family going from those early 20’s to mid to late to 30’s and it fit the moment. It’s hard to know what AJR is going for here. Is it just what it sounds like? A longing for happier more free spirited and worry free days of childhood? A critique of how staunch, rigid, and drunk adults can be in their everyday grind, and a desire to break through that.

To break the addiction from normalcy and complacency and into creativity and imagination.

Is it a ballad for a lover? Reaching out for a feeling of something real and genuine, an authentic relationship?  Or maybe a song to a new born child imploring to live life in such a way that the singer can live vicariously?

Maybe both. It maybe about connecting to lost parts of ourselves in adulthood, as well as connecting to others with a childlike wonder.

Or it’s nothing and a dumb song.

I don’t know, but it makes me feel…